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 We shop the lowest premium rates in Senior Whole Life Final Expense Insurance with major A+ rated companies.

 Your immediate death benefit will allow your loved ones the ease and flexibility of paying your burial expenses, legal costs, medical bills and other outstanding debts.

 Fill out our Contact Form and start protecting your loved ones from High Final Expense Costs.
Some expenses associated with burial include:
  •  Hiring a minister
  •  Casket Costs
  •  Cost of cemetery plot
  •  Cost of headstone and engraving
  •  Funeral Service Cost
  •  Wake and visitation cost
  •  Casket and family transportation cost
  •  Legal fees and probate costs
  •  Last physician and hospital bills
  •  Outstanding debts to be paid
  •  Credit card balances, Mortgage pay-off, car loans
Average funeral cost
$8,000 to $10,000
Fill out the contact form above for a Quick Quote from a Licensed Senior Life Insurance Agent in Your State. Your policy can cost as little as $1 a day.
Seniors, here are a few benefits you will enjoy:
  •  Up to $25,000 immediate death benefits.
  •  Low Premium Whole Life Final expense policy.
  •  Low monthly premium will never expire.
  • Face Value will never decrease.
  • No Medical Exam to qualify for coverage.
  • Policy will never cancel because of age.
  •  Builds cash value and loan value for borrowing.
  •  Coverage lasts for your whole life and will never change.
  •  30 day money back guarantee.

William Kate

"As a senior on a fixed income, I was able to get a great rate that fits my budget. While providing the coverage I need. Thank you for caring."

Nicole Paul

"I could no longer afford my senior term policy. It kept going up and up! Now I have a great low monthly rate that will pay for all my burial cost and will never increase. Thanks for your help."
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